only one way of doing business

“When you pull in front of the hotel and the guy takes your bags, that’s the first thing I do is give $1 to $2 a bag,” she said. “Let’s be clear. I don’t think it’s required for someone opening the door for you and smiling, but every time they get your car, anytime someone helps, you need to tip.

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This is difficult especially for a beginning student. These fakes are highly skilled con artists who prey on students’ ignorance and psychological weaknesses. Their tools are extreme friendliness, excessive praise and flattery, pretending to care for their students and feeling their pain.

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While both religiosity and spirituality entail specific beliefs, mindfulness is a more process oriented practice that is found in many religious and spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity (Walsh Shapiro, 2006). Its two key components are self regulation of attention to the present moment, and maintenance of an open, curious, and accepting stance to the experience (Bishop et al, 2004). Both reduce emotional and cognitive reactivity and enhance the ability to approach events with greater reflectivity and acceptance (Bishop et al., 2004; Brown Ryan, 2003; Neff, 2003a).